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Race, Culture, Religion

Time for a history lesson, you there,

yes you reading this, fix your face,

history is awesome, especially

considering we’ll be looking at the

history of tattoos. Oh, now you’re

smiling, I thought you’d feel differently

once you heard our historical topic.

I aim to please, so make some

coffee, pour a glass of jack, open

a beer, whatever you prefer, find a

comfortable seat, and without further

and, here we go.

“We’ve evolved past the

merman looking mermaid.”

Once upon a time during what was called the Neolithic times, some 12000 years ago, the first dude or dude’et decided to be a pioneer and made the decision to be the first recorded person discovered by archaeologists to have had been tattooed by some other pioneering individual, making them the first archaeological recorded tattoo artist. It is at this point I would like to thank them for their contribution to what can only be called pure awesomeness.

As time progressed, various races and cultures refined the art of tattooing. Each one of these people groups has differing reasons and sometimes grueling methods for tattooing, some due to cultural practice and heritage. Others are based on Religious significance, some for the sake of beautifying themselves, and others just because they damn well feel like it.

I guess you could say we all fall under the last category of tattoo enthusiasts, although what we’ve definitely done is adopted many practices from our fellow tattoo brethren. For example, what we’ve embraced from these different races, cultures, and religions is that we too have started, and have done so for quite some time, is added significance to what exactly we end up having tattooed on our skin, it is kind of forever, so we’ve evolved past the merman looking mermaid because it felt like a good idea at the time, and started tattooing the names of our children for example instead. I guess Darwin’s theory of evolution is proven right there. Over the next couple of issues, we’ll be looking at these various people groups and why tattoos hold significance to them.

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