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To Pay or Not to Pay

What was the Question?

You know exactly what your heart desires,

you cannot be talked out of it, you have

absolutely made up your mind. You are

getting the Liverpool FC logo tattooed on

your calf, can I just say how proud and

elated I am that a fellow LFC supporter has decided on such a classy tattoo, well done. So what’s next?

I assume contact is being made with a couple of tattoo shops that I personally recommend you find on Google Maps, 4.5-star ratings or higher. We’ll get into more detail about exactly why that matters a little later. How you can do this is by sitting in your home, turn your location settings on, and Google’s tattoo shops near me. A list will pop up and now you narrow it down to several options. Time to make contact about your majestic tattoo, explain in as much detail as possible what you would like done, send a picture if possible, and now it’s time to find out estimated prices. Some shops differ in their processes, I’m merely generalizing, but that’s about the gist of it.

The prices are in, and mother trucker this is not what you expected. The general going rate at these highly recommended shops is around R1000 per hour. I know what you’re thinking, 3 out of 5 isn’t that bad, you make contact, and low and behold you’ve been pleasantly met with quotes at half the price. You’re absolutely elated, now time to book. STOP!

Please, Lord, stop right there.

May I remind you of a couple of factors that you need to consider?

3 out of 5 for a tattoo shop is a shit rating, in fact, it’s beyond shit, you might very well be met by a toddler at the door.

If you’re getting inked, quality always supersedes saving a couple of extra R100’s.

You save at Checkers, NEVER at a tattoo shop.

Your tattoo is forever, and you really kind of want to be able to say, “check out my ink biaaaaches!”, and not, “look away, shield your eyes!”, or even worse, someone asking you, “what is that?”

“Go get your ink done at a damn reputable tattoo shop For Fuck Sake”

Finally don’t be that person that later regrets their ink, yes I’m talking to you Bobby van Jaarsveld. We can all still see your half assed - off cross tattoo, and yes it looks fugly as

shit. Don’t be a Bobby.

Decisions decisions, what should you do? Look, I’m gonna be straight up honest with you.

If after reading this you’re still thinking about going cheap, I would like to remind you that one visit to the movies these days, popcorn and all the trimmings, will cost you up to R500 per person, even MRP jeans are R200 a pop now. None permanent, instant gratification kind of stuff. If after that you’re still going cheap, I offend you for your own sake. Are you stupid? It’s not a rhetorical question, are you stupid? It’s permanent, go get your ink done at a damn reputable tattoo shop FFS, but hey, it’s your bodacious bod, you do what you gotta do.

You’ve been warned...


Dwain Donovan Stewart

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